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Friday, October 26, 2012

Even Me

Today morning devotion takes from Our Daily Bread issued tittle "Even Her" that tells me about Rahab. Properly complete reading can see at http://odb.org/. I love this sentences...

God’s love is amazing that way. He can take people with a bad reputation, transform their lives, and turn them into examples of His love and forgiveness. If you think you’re too bad to be forgiven or if you know someone else who feels that way, read about Rahab and rejoice. If God can turn her into a beacon of righteousness, there’s hope for all of us.

From today morning devotion I learn about "Forgiveness and Second Chance". 

Let me tell you something about me that you never know.

Previously, I was a person who expected, looked for, and considered perfection but truthly not like that. I am not perfect. I striked down intensely by failed UKDI (Ujian Kompetensi Dokter Indonesia) and aggravated by came late when Hippocratic Oath Ceremorial. Yeah... This is a thing that shocked my life and be my turning point. 

People lower me. They ridicule me. How does it feel? Does it hurt? Absolutely very hurt. From top position, suddenly fall down. I have occation for complain many thing, myself, people and include God.

Not only that. I've found reality that have shocked me. People who previously religious but now are becoming same with world. People who apparently religious but in reality not like that. They pretend religious. They are hypocrite. I ever ask myself, "To survive alive do I become hypocrite?"

Maybe in people's view, I am a loser but someone does not think like that. She gives me an opportunity to correct all my mistakes. She gives me a second chance. 

God's Word today teach me about forgiveness that He offers to me and also be humble. He opens opportunity for me to repent and correct myself by a chance that she offers.

If you are falling into sin now, feel yourself not worthy to forgive, remember this... Rahab who was a sinner but has given second chance by God and her name recorded in history as King David's great-great grandmother and that she was in the lineage of our Savior, Jesus. And there’s more. Hebrews 11:31 names Rahab as a woman of faith who was saved from the fall of Jericho (see Josh. 6:17). And in James 2:25, her works of rescue were given as evidence of her righteous faith. And also remember that nobody is perfect even faithfull men in Bible. They are sinner but forgiven.

And more over, if you are on high position, give second chance for people whom repent their sins and want back to right way. Don't you ever judge them.

I pray that amazing God day by day watch over us. Amen...